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Can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Adrafinil can!

old dog new tricksSo we all know the old saying –  “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” – well this may be true to some extent, but this has not stopped scientists at the University of Toronto at Scarborough from challenging the old phrase.

Using aged beagle dogs, scientists administered oral solutions containing 20mg/kg of Adrafinil or a placebo control, while testing the dogs ability to learn certain tasks, pre-determined by the scientists.

Findings showed that the dogs under the influence of Adrafinil showed a decrease in error rate and a significant increase in learning, when compared to the placebo control group.

This outcome comes as no surprised, however, the reason for the improvement is yet to be fully understood. It may be the case the Adrafinil allowed the dogs exhibit more motivation, and via this increased motivation, and increased willingness to learn the skills required. Alternatively, the results may have been a result of increased vigilance due to Adrafinils ability increase levels or adrenalin.

Whatever the reason, the results are the same. Another positive response from our favourite nootropic.