Where Can You Buy Adrafinil Powder Online?




Olmifon powder, a supplement which has Nootropic benefits and stimulant effects, is commonly used as a substitute to Adderall and other drugs for the treatment of ADD/ADHD for its capacity to increase liveliness and focus. The dominant reason, however, that Olmifon, or Adrafinil, is sought after as a substitute for similar drugs is that Olmifon does not require prescription in order that it may be ingested. The primary role of Olmifon is to increase wakefulness but it also gives a boost in the mental performance of an individual. Due to its strong effects, Olmifon is normally not deemed the right starter nootropic and that it is better given to the people with experience in taking compounds within the same class. The question now lies on where Olmifon can be bought online and whether or not a prescription is needed in purchasing the supplement.


As proven clinically, the supplement increases the energy levels, both physically and mentally


The powder was discovered by Lafon, a French pharmaceutical company, and was sold in Europe by Cephalon. Olmifon was discontinued after 25 years of manufacture, however, the main ingredient may still be bought as Adrafinil. The drug is mainly used in the treatment of people suffering from various sleeping problems such as narcolepsy. Studies also show that the drug may be of help in the treatment of ADHD and for extreme fatigue in the day. The drug is identified to reinstate normal sleeping patterns and to enhance wakefulness and attentiveness which helps people to keep focused despite lack of sleep.


As proven clinically, the supplement increases the energy levels, both physically and mentally, since the supplement is believed to be mainly responsible for the enhancement of the overall mood of an individual. Many users of the drug report of feeling much less stressed and anxious while ingesting Olmifon, and since their moods improve, they are more compelled to be productive in their respective lives.


Olmifon brings about certain cognitive advantages especially since it is also identified as a Nootropic. For one, the supplement helps enhance memory and recall. Undeniably, this varies from one person to another but most evaluations and reports say that this is a noticeable effect, thereby making Olmifon a possible similar drug to other memory-boosting Racetams. Moreover, students testify of experiencing an extended learning capability, as well as enhanced comprehension of ideas and concepts. The increase in energy also led to an enhanced ability to concentrate and focus, and to develop an extended attention span.


How Does Olmifon Powder Work:


The precise process on how the drug works is yet to be uncovered. However, it is to be believed that Olmifon is comparable to other Nootropics. For one, the effects are similar to that of Modafinil’s since Olmifon is broken down into Modafinil when it reaches the liver. Olmifon has a distinct effect on the Glutamate when it binds to the receptor sites thereby effectively preventing the breakdown of the neurotransmitter. Glutamate is involved in the foundation of memory and other mental processes, as such, Olmifon is considered as a cerebral enhancer.


The supplement also excites the central nervous system in a way which increases the production of Hypocretin, a neurotransmitter usually related to energy and attentiveness. The drug is also associated to the increase in the production of Dopamine, a hormone responsible for mood and movement, and Norepinephrine and Histamine, both responsible for improving energy levels. Olmifon prevents the breakdown of Dopamine and increases the levels of Serotonin in the brain. The latter mentioned chemicals, resulting from the intake of the supplement, are the reasons for the enhanced mood and decreased stress levels.


How to Use Olmifon Powder:


Cycling the intake of the supplement is highly recommended.


The suggested dosage of this supplement is of utmost importance to the individuals interested in its consumption. Olmifon is a strong substance which one would should not overlook (when deciding) the range of a safe dosage. The recommended dosage is within 150 to 300 mg a day. Although the amount may seem small, especially to those regular users of typical Nootropics, an individual must stay within this range. It is even more advisable to begin with small amounts of dosage so that the body may be accustomed to the drug, hence, the increase in dosage should be done cautiously. Cycling the intake of the supplement is highly recommended.


Where Can Olmifon Powder be bought:


Since Olmifon is not a regulated drug in the US, it is not be accessible in conventional drug stores or vitamin shops. The most convenient place to look for and purchase Olmifon is through online sources. It is best to be reminded that the actual product to be bought is Adrafinil, as Olmifon is a brand that was already phased out. This is a good thing, especially since generic Adrafinil is less expensive than Olmifon. While there are many sources online, it is best to deal with a business with a reputable record of quality products and favorable user reviews.