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Adrafinil Powder – Where Can I Buy It?


Buy Adrafinil Powder

Adrafinil is a well-known nootropic but some find may find its safe purchase challengin due to it’s limited supply. One of the best places to look for Adrafinil powder is via a google search where you can find it relatively cheaply, however, most stores opt to supply Adrafinil in capsules, which for the enthusiast may not be ideal.

Adrafinil (Olmifon) was developed by Lafon Laboratories, a pharmaceutical company in France, as type of a smart drug also known as a Eugeroics, which plainly translates as ‘good arousal’. The drug, which is intended to enhance alertness and attentiveness, has been accepted for medical use in various countries across Europe. The supplement is not yet regulated in US and may be bought privately, as opposed to Modafinil, which requires a prescription from a doctor. The question, however, lies on how effective the supplement is, and the benefits it brings when compared with the currently existing Nootropic supplements on the market.


Various workers consume this supplement to ensure that they keep awake and alert for their job


As previously established, Adrafinil is not always easy to purchase online for the reasons that the vendors also have difficulties in keeping a consistent supply of the product. As a Eugeroic, Adrafinil may be considered as a ‘good arousal’ agent, and numerous countries in Europe have permitted the use of Adrafinil for medical purposes as it enhances one’s vigilance, wakefulness and attentiveness. The sellers are capable of providing the products to users easily since Adrafinil is not regulated in the UK and US, hence, there are less paperwork and legal barriers to deal with.


Adrafinil users report various benefits with the use of the supplement, as attested in their online reviews. While it is widely used as a medication for sleep apnea and narcolepsy, it is also believed to aid in the increase of energy levels of the individual, as well as the restoration of a sense of general happiness. As such, various workers consume this supplement to ensure that they keep awake and alert for their job. A number of people also use this supplement to keep their focus and drive. As a common practice, new users of the drug are cautious in trying a new substance, which is why it is better for the potential user to check online reviews on Adrafinil before choosing to consume the supplement.


Other consumers and researchers who claim that the drug is also effective in helping them overcome social anxiety


Aside from the previously mentioned benefits, Adrafinil also offers various cognitive effects; hence, it is considered a nootropic. These benefits include, among others, enhancement of memory, increase in mental energy, as well as the improvement of concentration and focus. These benefits are some of the reasons why consuming Adrafinil is generally regarded as being able to boost one’s productivity, such as staying awake while studying for an exam. There are other consumers and researchers who claim that the drug is also effective in helping them overcome social anxiety and introversion as they become more talkative and sociable.


It is a great idea to read thoroughly on the effects and benefits of Adrafinil but reading this summary will also be of great help. Most people are unable to get a hold of Modafinil, and Adrafinil is one of the best alternatives of Modafinil especially since Adrafinil is actually converted to Modafinil when it is ingested. The benefits of consuming Adrafinil include the feeling of heightened motivation and drive, enhanced memory, improved focus and a feeling of pleasure. There is also a boost in the productivity of users who take the supplement, as well as an improved ability in socializing.


People who are not able to obtain Modafinil for various reasons opt to purchase Adrafinil instead.


How does Adrafinil work?


The precise process on how Adrafinil works is yet to be discovered, however, there are possible explanations offered by some researchers. It is clear that Adrafinil gets broken down to Modafinil when it gets to the liver. This is the main reason why people who are not able to obtain Modafinil for various reasons opt to purchase Adrafinil instead. The drug also increases the amount of Hypocretin, a neurotransmitter, which is believed to be one of the causes for heightened arousal, appetite and wakefulness. The increase in hypocretin in the hypothalamus consequently causes increases in histamine, dopamine, and norepinephrine, which are chemicals that contribute to Adrafinil’s Nootropic-like effects.


Adrafinil is broken into Modafinil but Modafinil’s precise mechanism of action is also unknown. It is recognized that Adrafinil increases hypocretin which modulates dopamine, histamine and serotonin. Since dopamine is generally associated with the body’s reward systems, the increase in hypocretin seemingly contributes to the enhancement of the mood of the consumers. Histamine, on the other hand, is reported to have the ability to arouse the body; hence, it is one of the reasons why Adrafinil is able to improve attentiveness.


Another theory proposed on how Adrafinil works is that it also affects the GABA pathways and glutamate in the sense the GABA pathways are impeded and that the glutamate pathways are stimulated. The theory implies that Adrafinil has the ability to excite and inhibit different part of the brain. Since glutamate is associated with learning and memory formation, while GABA is associated with the relaxing of the body, an increase in glutamate characterizes the excitatory effects of Adrafinil to the brain.


Adrafinil Safety, Side Effects, & Liver Concerns:


There may be some side effects in taking Adrafinil as supplement. Generally, the drug is considered safe, however, it is still important to be conscious of the risks and concerns that may arise in using Adrafinil. One of the drawbacks in consuming the drug is that it puts an additional stress on the heart, but less strain compared to what is observed with amphetamine intake. Such being the case, it is not suitable for persons with heart ailments to consume Adrafinil, but those with healthy hearts should have nothing to worry about. The supplement must also not be used together with other stimulants like Ritalin or Adderall.


It has also been reported that users experience headaches, nausea, stomach discomfort and dizziness when taking Adrafinil. An increase in certain enzymes in the liver, which may cause potential injury to the liver, has also been reported. It is, therefore, best that users, especially new ones, take Adrafinil in small dosages and not daily. If the supplement, however, is to be consumed on a continuing basis, it is advisable that the consumer keeps track of his enzyme levels in the liver and the liver’s functionality. Modafinil, on the other hand, does not have the same effect on the liver, making some people choose to buy Modafinil instead of Adrafinil.


Nevertheless, the side effects associated to Adrafinil use are not very serious. The effects of anxiety, insomnia, irritability and dry mouth only happen when the consumer exceeds the suggested dosage level. The gravest side effects in consuming Adrafinil may be that of chest pains, palpitations, bruising, hallucinations and vomiting.



Despite the fact that Adrafinil and Modafinil offer less danger of falling to drug addiction compared to other stimulants, they should still be taken in moderation. Since the supplement works with dopamine, an addictive chemical, the susceptible users may develop mild addiction, hence it is not recommended that these kinds of drugs be taken more than twice or thrice a week. Continued use of the products may lead to tolerance and/or addiction which is why it is better to consume Adrafinil or Modafinil in cycles.


Adrafinil and other Nootropics:


Adrafinil is comparable to other Nootropics in a way that they stimulating effects to the body. The stimulation, however, is different from that given by caffeine or amphetamines. Users report that they experience a milder effect compared to the ones given by amphetamines or caffeine. This then results to lesser anxiety, insomnia and agitation that what is usually attributed to other stimulants. The difference between Adrafinil’s mechanism of action and of other nootropics are of great interest to most researchers but while not much is known it is best that one should check testimonials and reviews of other users before purchasing Adrafinil online.